What we do


Anyone can write, but few do it well. The nuance of words is important and can result in being given attention to and being ignored.

Bombastic stuffy vocabulary may inflate an amateur’s self-worth, but concise copy that leaves out cliché and formality helps others understand you better.

Being ex-editors of a newspaper and an online magazine, we appreciate how print and online are different and we write differently for each medium.

Hachisu provides custom publishing for print and online, from books & booklets to websites. Our service extends from conceptualisation to execution and distribution.


Most human knowledge and ideas are imparted through words, but sometimes photographs and moving pictures can tell a story quicker.

Recall the last time you teared reading something. You probably can better remember the last time you cried at the movies. And photographs can capture an enduring moment that sears a lasting image into the minds of millions.

With our documentary filmmaking and photojournalism experience, Hachisu can bring people closer to your brand by forming emotional connections. Although we provide extensive services in-house, we also have a network of freelancers to bring in new ideas and and provide scale for larger productions.


If words are what you say, design is how you say it. Our experience in editorial design and typography helps us understand that design is not just the packaging of visuals and content. Design must be considered from the start.

Hachisu methodically takes clients through a carefully thought-out design process.

We work with our printers and suppliers closely to make sure you get the quality you paid for. Likewise, we work with freelance programmers who are able to find elegant solutions and devise creative ways to solve technical problems.

Hachisu takes great pride in paying attention to detail because small things matter.