Select audience previews Before We Forget

16 Sep 2011

Xian Jie and Jeremy at the Launch Screening

Xian Jie and Jeremy speak during the Dialogue with the Directors after the Launch Screening for Media and Invited Guests.

Hachisu and the Lien Foundation presented two preview screenings of the Before We Forget documentary at The Arts House at The Old Parliament last Saturday for members of the press and invited guests. The film will be released in late 2012. Here are some thoughts from people who attended the screening:

“Before We Forget is a very well made film on a very important subject. In this materialistic, consumerist world we live in, dementia is something people should be talking more about.
Alex Au,

“I look forward to more sensitive Singapore-related films, from a new set of eyes!
Juan Foo, Media Development Authority, Singapore

“Meeting Jeremy and Xian Jie was one of the highlights of my working experience, and the film continues to fill me with much encouragement.
Dr Chris Lien, Geriatrician

The directors would like to thank the Health Promotion Board for sponsoring the event, and venue sponsor The Arts House. More photographs of the preview screenings are on the Before We Forget Facebook page.

Jeremy presenting Frozen War in Geneva

17 Apr 2011



  1. Jeremy outside the ICRC sub-delegation in Gori.
  2. At work photographing Georgians who were bombed during the 2008 South Ossetia War.

An exhibition of Jeremy’s work in Georgia will be presented at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland on 5 May. He was one of 5 winners of the International Committee of the Red Cross’s (ICRC) inaugural Young Reporter Competition.

Frozen War is a 8,500-word anthology of memories and dreams that Georgians have shared in their recollections of a past they are unwilling to let go, in their poignant thoughts about life, and in their tenacious march into the future. They hold dreams as their shields in a country still suspended in a vexing predicament that is neither war nor peacetime.

An edited excerpt will be released by the ICRC on 5 May. The full story will be uploaded to our blog.

Jeremy back from Georgia

14 Feb 2011

Jeremy returned today from the Republic of Georgia on a trip sponsored and organised by the International Committee of the Red Cross. His story, Home, about the struggles of the poor in Manila won him a place as one of 5 winners in the ICRC’s Young Reporter Competition 2010. He will be presenting his stories about Georgia on 8 May, World Red Cross Red Crescent Day, in Geneva, Switzerland.