The Umbrella Revolution

17 Feb 2015 | By Lee Xian Jie

In 2014, Xian Jie followed Lianain Films as they recorded the events in Hong Kong that came to be known as the Umbrella Revolution to capture these photographs. Selections have been published by Al-Jazeera English.

How to stop a revolution

16 Sep 2012 | By Lee Xian Jie

Why did Hosni Mubarak fail to stop the Egyptian revolution of 2011 despite having shut down the internet? How did China manage a shutdown that quelled the violent 2009 ethnic riots in Xinjiang, China? These days, the internet is hailed as a tool of revolution. Twitter, Facebook and Sina Weibo seem to be fueling protests everywhere. Stop people from going online, and stop the revolution, it seems.

One Breath At A Time

24 Aug 2012 | By Jeremy Boo

By constantly pushing beyond perceived human limitations, athletes rouse the dreams we believed to be sheer fantasies. They become our aspirations. What about athletes with physical disabilities? Could we possibly aspire to be like them, with their evident and seemingly ruinous flaws? What are their motivations?

ICRC releases ‘Frozen War’

06 May 2011 | By Lee Xian Jie

Jeremy’s story, Frozen War, is an anthology of memories and dreams that Georgians have shared in their recollections of a past they are unwilling to let go, in their poignant thoughts about life, and in their tenacious march into the future. They hold dreams as their shields in a country still suspended in a vexing predicament that is neither war nor peacetime.

The letter that stood out

20 Jan 2011 | By Jeremy Boo

I am grateful for the numerous letters I have received over the past few days, especially those from people who said that they are inspired to do something to help somebody anywhere. Your thoughts affirm my work and I thank you. Among all these letters of well-wishes and congratulations, one letter stood out.

Inside Manila’s Slums on ST

15 Jan 2011 | By Jeremy Boo

My story was published in the The Straits Times Saturday Special Report today, with the introduction realigned and certain sections repurposed. It’s my first time being published in The Straits Times (and with such a lengthy story too), so it was interesting to see the workflows and editing layers in SPH. As I had complete […]

The little things

05 Dec 2010 | By Jeremy Boo

When xinMSN syndicated an excerpt of my story, I did not expect many responses. After all, it was mainly an entertainment portal; how many readers are actually interested in poverty in Manila?

On The Straits Times

22 Nov 2010 | By Jeremy Boo

I’m not sure how long this will be up but there is an online version you may read in its entirety. While I am gratified to be written about in The Straits Times, there are three corrections I wish to make.

Winning the ICRC Young Reporter Competition

19 Nov 2010 | By Jeremy Boo

I was frankly quite surprised when the call from Switzerland came to notify me that I won the competition. After I was told that I was one of 12 shortlisted—and after the long-distance phone interview with a panel of judges which I was convinced I completely mangled, I was torn between hope (that I would actually win), euphoria/confidence (of winning), and despair (of not daring to expect to win).