Inside Manila’s Slums on ST

15 Jan 2011 | By Jeremy Boo

My story was published in the The Straits Times Saturday Special Report today, with the introduction realigned and certain sections repurposed.

It’s my first time being published in The Straits Times (and with such a lengthy story too), so it was interesting to see the workflows and editing layers in SPH. As I had complete control over my publication when I was editor, I was unaccustomed to the fact that some of these processes, e.g. sub-editing, take place independent of the section editor.

I am a little nervous because I would not personally use certain adjectives or phrases to describe my subjects. They are not unfair or untrue; it’s just not my writing style. Of course, I did think about the implications if this article was more narrative in nature; if every adjective used had an imagery objective, if each punctuation was selected for its participation in repetition and rhythm, if the flow of the story determines the message.

But this story is not a narrative feature so I accept that these changes are the few necessary trade-offs of getting your message published in a mainstream newspaper.

In case you’re interested, you may read my original submission to the ICRC.