On The Straits Times

22 Nov 2010 | By Jeremy Boo

I’m not sure how long this will be up but there is an online version you may read in its entirety.

While I am gratified to be written about in The Straits Times, there are three corrections I wish to make:

  1. My mother has ALS but she had it for about two years
  2. She didn’t exactly ask me to use my voice to tell stories. She did however support my decision to study journalism before she even had ALS. And even now, she still supports my assignments (yes, even if I need to go to an area of armed conflict)
  3. I wanted to study Mass Communication in the School of Film & Media Studies at Ngee Ann Polytechnic since I was 14. A friend pointed out that the math does not add up; I was already in Year Two three years ago. On another note, some of my peers found the headline quite interesting.

You may also want to read another perspective published by the School of Film & Media Studies in their News updates.