Jeremy Boo

Jeremy Boo is intrigued by the human condition: how people strive to make their lives better, how people struggle to understand their existence, and the inherent flaws in people that are beautiful all at once.

A graduate of Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Mass Communication course, Jeremy was the Editor of lifestyle and entertainment online publication and Deputy Editor of student newspaper npTribune. As Editor, he revamped the publication by reforming its design, editorial processes and technological platforms. During his tenure, readership doubled and peaked at more than 3.6 million hits.

Jeremy is one of 5 winners of the 2010 International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) Young Reporter Competition. His stories have been published in Reader’s Digest and The Straits Times Saturday Special Report.

Lee Xian Jie

Xian Jie’s wish is to tell the stories of people who fight for a better living, and to help others understand and be involved in their future. Using words, photographs, and film, his wish is to pull audiences into a story and capture their attention on the issues presented.

As Editor of npTribune, Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s newspaper, he redesigned the paper to focus on stories about people. The redesign received good feedback from editors from local and international newspapers and newswires.

In 2008, Xian Jie also co-organised a week-long photo exhibition, ‘The Demon in the Water’ at Vivocity, to spread word about water and sanitation issues in Cambodia, attracting over 5,000 people to learn about the increasingly important, but overlooked subject of contaminated water that Cambodians drink daily.